Coach Spotlight: Meet Titouan Olanié

🏠 Hometown: Les Deux Alpes, France
⛷️ Years Coaching: 8 years
🎖️ Licenses/Certs: DL Certified
👤 Currently Coaching: Head Coach of the Vancouver Ski Team (U19)
🔎Coaching Experience: U12 to FIS

☃️ First stepped on snow: 18 months
✍🏽 Phrases of guidance: Coaches, don’t take performance (good or bad, but especially bad) personally.
Athletes, hard work always pays off.

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Resistance Training: The Benefit and Impact

It’s spring! That means less snow, more dryland…until we get back on snow. This week’s article by Dr. Stacy Sims is about resistance training, and its impact on all aspects of health, particularly female health. Read on…

Coach Spotlight: Meet Joey Lynn Graham

🏠 Hometown: Miramichi, New Brunswick
⛷️ Years coaching: 25+ years
🎖️ Licenses/Certs: CSIA Level 3, ACA PL Certified, ACA EL/DL Coach Developer
👤 Currently coaching U14 with Wentworth Ski Race Club in Nova Scotia.
🔎Coaching Experience: All club age levels and attended many national events.

☃️ First stepped on snow: At age 9
✍🏽 Phrase of guidance: Always remember that how you make someone feel stays with them far longer than the skill or drill [you teach them], or the event that you participate in.

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BCA Sets the Date for Girls Fast Forward Mega Camp

Sun Peaks Resort will once again host the Girls Fast Forward (GFF) Mega Camp this coming April 17-20. BC Alpine (@bcalpine) says an all-star cast of coaches and athletes will gather for three packed days of on-snow ski training, strength and conditioning training, connection, a female health workshops, and athlete panels.

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Alpine Ontario Strengthens Its Women in Coaching Initiative

Anyone who showed up for the Women’s NorAm Cup this past February 24-26 at Devil’s Glen and Georgian Peaks got a preview of the future of our sport in more ways than one. Not only did athletes show their potential when they tackled the GS and slalom courses, but Alpine Ontario also took the opportunity to foster community and mentorship with its Women in Coaching Initiative. Read the full inspiring story here.

(Photo credits: Alpine Ontario.)

Athlete Spotlight: Meet Gaby Wall

This month, we’re spotlighting Gabby Wall, an avid skier whose journey on the slopes began before she turned 3. Hailing from Alpine Ski Club (Blue Mountains, ON), Gabby’s love for skiing quickly blossomed into a competitive spirit, starting her racing journey in the U10 category.

Fast-forward to today, and Gabby’s passion for skiing has taken her on a thrilling ride. Representing Ontario with pride, she’s become a familiar face on the FIS and NorAm circuits, fearlessly tackling challenging courses across Canada, the U.S., and beyond. Most recently, Gabby returned from an unforgettable month in Italy, where she raced, trained, and soaked in the breathtaking beauty of the Dolomites.

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Coach Spotlight: Meet Michele Leger

🏠 Hometown: Fredericton, New Brunswick
⛷️ Years coaching: 20th season coaching. I spent 15 years before that as an instructor.
🎖️ Licenses/Certs: Performance Level Certified, with an Advanced coaching diploma, Level 3 Officials, learning facilitator, evaluator, and mentor.
👤 Currently coaching: I am doing more coach education, as opposed to coaching a particular group of athletes.
🔎Coaching experience: Nancy Greene Ski League through to a FIS race, Whistler Cup, and Canada Games with a Para-athlete. Coached ski school as well.

☃️ First stepped on snow: Age 16 or 17. I never raced. Friends were going skiing and I went, but did not take a lesson that first time.
✍🏽 Phrases of guidance:
Coaches, never give up on an athlete. We have no idea what we can do or how we as coaches are making a positive impact on them.
Athletes, if you want something, a goal or a skill, find the support you need and just go for it. You never know and there are no limits.

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