Coach Spotlight: Meet Joey Lynn Graham

🏠 Hometown: Miramichi, New Brunswick
⛷️ Years coaching: 25+ years
🎖️ Licenses/Certs: CSIA Level 3, ACA PL Certified, ACA EL/DL Coach Developer
👤 Currently coaching U14 with Wentworth Ski Race Club in Nova Scotia.
🔎Coaching Experience: All club age levels and attended many national events.

☃️ First stepped on snow: At age 9
✍🏽 Phrase of guidance: Always remember that how you make someone feel stays with them far longer than the skill or drill [you teach them], or the event that you participate in.

Joey Lynn’s favourite…
🌄 Mountain: SilverStar Mountain Resort in BC
🍳 Breakfast: Protein shake (always chocolate!) and fruit
🎞️ Memory: I have enjoyed my ski coaching experiences from West to East. One of my most memorable experiences coaching occurred during my first season after moving from Alberta to [the East Coast] where we held our Atlantic Cup at Marble Mountain Resort in Newfoundland. It was an absolutely stunning setting with incredible views. We went up with the crew in the dark with headlamps to set the course on a the trail called OMJ. While setting the course, the sun came up, it was an amazing event which we all enjoyed—a first trip of many for me to Newfoundland.

☃️ What are you doing within the ski community? I am currently Alpine Ski Nova Scotia’s Coaching Director as well a club coach with Wentworth Ski Race Club. I also deliver EL/DL courses and mentor and evaluate coaches. My goal is to keep as many athletes and coaches involved in the sport as we can, supporting females in our sport along the way!

💡What ski racing taught you into one sentence? Ski racing taught me resilience, time management skills, and to be more inclusive.

🤓 Word of advice? Your path is your own, make sure you follow through with your deliverables. Set reasonable expectations for yourself and your athletes. Be gracious as a coach but firm. No pathway is linear; we all have challenges and find our own way.

🤩 Fun Fact? I have always been passionate about ski racing and it took me a little while to find my niche. I wasn’t always certain I wanted to make teaching/coaching my full-time career. After finishing my undergraduate degree out west and coaching for several years, I decided to return to school and complete my Education degree. Teaching has become a great fit [and it] has allowed me to continue working as a ski coach and to start my family. I am currently working in a blended capacity of coaching, ski administration, and teaching in school. My daughter is now 13 years old and racing for WSRC. I enjoy seeing the world through her eyes and teaching her to use her voice.

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