Coach Spotlight: Meet Titouan Olanié

🏠 Hometown: Les Deux Alpes, France
⛷️ Years Coaching: 8 years
🎖️ Licenses/Certs: DL Certified
👤 Currently Coaching: Head Coach of the Vancouver Ski Team (U19)
🔎Coaching Experience: U12 to FIS

☃️ First stepped on snow: 18 months
✍🏽 Phrases of guidance: Coaches, don’t take performance (good or bad, but especially bad) personally.
Athletes, hard work always pays off.

Titouan’s favourite…
🌄 Mountain: I have to go with my hometown, Les Deux Alpes. Otherwise, Lake Louise, Alberta.
🍳 Breakfast: Coffee and avocado toast. Oh and cheese!
🎞️ Memory: I can’t particularly pinpoint a special moment, but I would say exploring the world and discovering new places

☃️ What is your goal as a coach? I would like to help all the athletes realize that their potential is way bigger than what they think.
💡What ski racing has taught you into one sentence? Resilience and adaptability.
🤩 We asked Titouan’s colleagues what they most appreciate about him…
“Building relationships with coaches and athletes. And organization and adaptability on short notice.”
“How organized he is.”

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