Athlete Spotlight: Meet Frances MacDonald

Frances “Franny” MacDonald is a skiing aficionado whose journey on the slopes began when she was two years old. Hailing from the peaks of Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain, Franny’s love for skiing quickly evolved into a competitive drive for the sport.

Franny’s passion for skiing has propelled her to thrilling heights. Representing BC, she’s become a familiar face on the NCAA circuit, fearlessly navigating challenging courses across the U.S. Most recently, Franny returned from an unforgettable experience competing in the NCAA championships in Park City, Salt Lake City, Utah! But her story isn’t solely about conquering peaks for herself. When she’s not gracefully navigating the slopes, she’s generously giving back as a volunteer coach at the Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club. Her coaching mantra? “Cultivating an atmosphere where athletes flourish through the joy of the sport and continual growth.” As for a coach who deserves recognition for shaping her skiing journey, Franny credits Montana Molyneux, a former BC Ski Team coach and, until recently, the program director for the Sun Peaks Alpine Club.

In the spotlight this month, Franny shines as a fantastic role model, embodying the commitment, strength, and enthusiasm that define a top athlete in the skiing community. Above all, she has never given up on the sport, no matter what.

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