Tamara Schaupp, U12 Head Coach for Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club, is originally from Austria and came to Canada 15 years ago. She recommended February’s book, Dare to Lead by Brené Brown, emphasizing it gives great examples of how to deal with conflict, lead groups with vulnerability and trust, establish trust, give feedback, and many more great tools for courageous leadership.

Tamara has a degree in translation but has been a full-time ski racing coach since she came to Canada. In Austria, she coached and instructed skiing ever since starting university, to earn money. To gain international experience, she instructed skiing in Stratton, Vermont, for two seasons and fell in love with the lifestyle. During her time in Canada, she became a gymnastics coach for trampoline, a BCRPA group fitness leader, physical literacy instructor, and finished the Langara Recreation Leadership Diploma this year. Her ski coach certification from Austria was transferred to Canada and is Development Level Advanced Certified now.

A note from Tamara on why she chose this book…

“Brené Brown’s work on leadership was quoted often in many of my leadership classes during the Langara Recreation Leader Diploma program. I have become a big fan of her work on finding strength in vulnerability, which takes courage. The book is a combination of her previous work. Dare to Lead is also a great book to read if you would like to improve your own emotional intelligence, which is key for coaching athletes of all ages. I think that the book is a great source to improve leadership skills; I will need to read it several times because there are so many great ideas about how to lead not only teams, but also athletes.”

Fun Fact about Tamara: “I love all things outdoors—hiking, swimming, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, camping, etc.. Being Austrian, I value good bread and make most of the bread I eat myself. Some years ago I started making my own soap, which is a very satisfying process.”